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OFFICE CLOSURE:The office will be closed from February 29 - March 13. For emergencies, please call: Dr. Scott Maybank at 250.507.2565 or Dr. John Vedova at 250.391.6111

Welcome to Smart Start brain.body.behaviour where we combine the best of evidence-informed medical research with a vitalistic whole-body whole- brain philosophy and 30 years of honing the art of delivering chiropractic care.

Dr. Jenny
Dr. Jenny Armstrong, (Doctor of Chiropractic)
My role is to look at each individual from a Whole Brain-Whole Body perspective. To dive deeply into their neuro-chemistry, neural-circuitry and neuro-communication. To find out where, in the course of their neuro development, could there have been a problem. What are the potential consequences of that, how are they expressing their altered neurosensory compensations and how do we turn the tide?

My mission (that I have adopted from my mentor Dr. Monika Buerger), is to prevent disease in the unborn child, to promote optimal neurodevelopment in the newborn and to create a life of full potential for all.

I look forward to working with you and your family in helping to allow a better life-experience for future generations to come.

Dr. Jenny
Dr. Jenny

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