Dr. Jenny

Dr. Jenny

Dr. Jenny Armstrong, (Doctor of Chiropractic)
Email: smartstartpath@shaw.ca
After 25 years in chiropractic, I am in love with the science, art and philosophy more now than ever before. I am in awe of the nervous system’s capacity to self-repair, self-regulate and self-heal the body once interference is removed. I feel a deep gratitude to be able to connect and contribute to my community. I thank all the amazing families who have allowed me into their lives to help unlock the potential within.

It all began with my Dad

Dr. Jenny was an avid athlete growing up, playing many sports but never achieving high levels of success due to constant injuries. At age 8, she developed very painful heel spurs. The recommendation at the time required her to wear sandals (even during a cold Ontario winter!). At age 10, she developed right knee pain. For months she went through a battery of medical tests, was prescribed numerous medications and was eventually put in a full leg cast. Nothing helped. She was eventually diagnosed as being lazy and reporting knee pain as a way out of doing chores. Had the orthopaedic surgery been standing closer, he may have received a black eye that day! The pain was real, even if medically there was no explanation. Eventually the knee felt better, but a few summers later it was replaced with a locked jaw which had her eating through a straw. In high school, she suffered from constant low back pain and headaches. These were all dismissed as “just a normal part of growing up”.

Her Dad had also suffered from low back pain and it came to the forefront when he slipped on ice the winter when Dr. Jenny turned 18. He could not move and his doctor gave him two choices; six months of bed rest or disc surgery and 6 months of bed rest. At the urging of a couple of friends, he finally broke down and “went to the quack” (his words). After his initial visit, he was walking properly and happier than she had ever seen him.
Curiosity took Jenny with her Dad on his second visit to the Chiropractor. The discovery of helping people out of pain without the use of drugs or surgery was an amazing paradigm shift. After that visit she set a course towards her own chiropractic education. While in chiropractic school, Dr. Jenny received weekly adjustments. She soon noticed that her lifelong headaches and low back pain had disappeared. She came to also realize that her menstrual cycle had dramatically improved, her jaw didn’t feel clenched at night, her knee could fully bend again and the spurs on the back of her heels disappeared. She had started Chiropractic school believing that helping adults get out of pain was fabulous career. She soon realized that if she had been adjusted as a child, she never would have suffered through all the tests, medications and most of all, the pain. WOW, Chiropractic is awesome and can best be utilized on the youngest members of our community so they may grow up healthy and in a state of well-being.

A proud Parker graduate
Dr. Jenny received her Doctor of Chiropractic from the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, graduating in 1996, and received her Pediatrics Certification from Parker College in 2002.